Principles + Imperatives

This is some of what we try to keep in mind as we do what we do. One day we might put some of it on a t-shirt.   

Ensure your urgencies reflect your priorities


Audre Lorde, The Cancer Journals


“What’s he building in there?”


Tom Waits, What’s He Building?


Be generous. Eschew paranoid reading.


Eve Sedgewick, Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading [Download PDF here


“Put your propositions at risk”

Jeff Mantz, NSF Cultural Anthropology Program Officer



Alleviate yourself of the responsibility to invent the wheel. 

Zoë Wool to those worried about others working on the same topic  they are.



“It matters what stories tell stories.”
“The violence of empire is also internal to empire.”

Michelle Murphy at Zoë Wool’s UofT job talk


Don’t extract knowledge, build relations.

Many anti-colonial BIPOC knowledge workers, including Bianca Laureano, Max Liboiron, and Mia Mingus.


Non-innocence is the only ground, and it will not brook righteous denunciation: “’We’ cannot claim innocence from practicing […] dominations.” 

Donna Haraway, A Cyborg Manifesto [Download PDF here]



“When you measure, include the measurer.”

MC Hammer



Ignorance is a necessary condition for learning.

Ed Cohen



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