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Founded by Zoë Wool, Lacy Johnson, Bridget Murray, and Cleophus Sharp, Project Pleasantville is a community engaged multimedia team project about the Pleasantville neighborhood of Houston and its twinned legacies of Black civic engagement and industrial harm. The project includes a digital timeline exhibit at the Houston Flood Museum, a growing repository of oral histories, overseen by Portia D Hopkins, and an overhaul of the neighborhood’s wikipedia page completed by Rice University undergraduate students including Emma Every, Indya Porter, and Ashley Fitzpatrick. 


Zoë Wool, Lacy Johnson, Bridget Murray, Cleophus Sharp, Portia Hopkins, Jessica Caporusso, Sarah Swackhamer, Emma Every, Nori Guthrie, Amanda Foke | Gebby Keny, Paul Burch, Ashley Fitzpatrick, Mai Ton, Anson Tong, Maria Alejandra Mora, DeAnna Daniels, Sarah Silberman, Indya Porter, Alec Tobin, Kaitlyn Crowley, Rachel Johnson.


Pleasantville digital timeline | Oral histories | Wikipedia updates

Funding & Support

Houston Flood Museum | Woodson Research Archives | CSWGS, Rice University

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